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About SHIFT_c

MAKE SURE TO ONLY USE IN SINGLEPLAYER! It will not work properly otherwise (it may be possible to modify it to work in multiplayer, however don't get your hopes up).

IT HAS ONLY BEEN TESTED IN 1.14.3! I would expect it to work in any 1.14 version, but it may not work in 1.13 and definitely not any version before that.

The datapack SHIFT_c was originally designed for a puzzle map (called Shift, the c stands for commands), but when I started to make the puzzles I realized I'm not clever enough to make anything good with it... but hey! Someone out there might use it! There are three items (lime dye, red dye, cyan dye) that let you manipulate your "weight," allowing you to move it around, destroy it, and swap places with it. If you are going to be using this data pack to create a puzzle map (or any other kind of map), I strongly suggest you read everything below.

How do I install it?

Simple! Drag the file into the datapacks folder of your world. A default file path to the datapacks folder should look like:

User > AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > saves > world > datapacks


Lime Dye

The lime dye lets you raycast summon your "weight" wherever you are looking.

To use this item, hold it in your main hand and press "F" (or your keybind to swap it to your offhand slot).

Red Dye

The red dye lets you destroy your "weight."

To use this item, hold it in your main hand and press "F" (or your keybind to swap it to your offhand slot).

Cyan Dye

The cyan dye lets you swap places with your "weight," if it is currently summoned.

To use this item, hold it in your main hand and press "F" (or your keybind to swap it to your offhand slot).

raycastingpressure plate trigger

Raycast Summoning

Upon lime dye use, SHIFT_c uses raycast summoning that draws a line of particles to your crosshair, where it then summons an invisible armor stand with a particle emitter. Raycast Summoning an armor stand will destroy any other armor stands created by this data pack. This is complete with sound effects.

This armor stand cannot be interacted with, however can trigger pressure plates in the world. It can also only be summoned on the ground, through a ceiling with a maximum depth of two blocks, or on an edge with a maximum of one and a half blocks down from the surface. The armor stand is tagged with "w" if you should want to select it through commands.

Armor Stand Deletion

SHIFT_c utilizes an easy way of deleting the armor stand from the world. Using red dye will destroy the armor stand in a puff of particles, complete with a sound effect.

Deletion Poof
before teleportafter teleport


SHIFT_c allows you to swap places with the armor stand using cyan dye. When used, the player is teleported to the position of the armor stand, and the armor stand is teleported to the position of the player (the player will also be facing the new location of the armor stand). Swapping also uses raycasting to draw a line of particles in-between the player and armor stand. Again, complete with sound effects.

This is accomplished by summoning an armor stand at the player's location and the armor stand's location, tagged "sw1" and "sw2" respectively. It then teleports the player to sw2 and facing sw1, and teleports the armor stand to sw1. The raycast is then drawn in-between the two.

Block Interactions

Raycast Summoning also has block interactions. These interactions include Glass, Glass Panes, and Red Terracotta.

Raycast Summoning passes through Glass and Glass Panes, allowing players to shoot through it to summon the armor stand on the other side.

Red Terracotta stops Raycast Summoning in it's tracks, not allowing it to pass through like normal blocks but also not allowing the armor stand to be summoned on it.

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Commands and Scoreboards


There are two commands you should know when using SHIFT_c. These are:

  1. /trigger items add 1
    • This command can be used by non-OPs, unless the score itemsA for a player is set to 2. It gives the player running the command the items the data pack uses.
  2. /scoreboard players set @a itemsA <score>
    • This command either allows or disallows the "items" trigger command. If the score is set to 2, it will not allow the player to use the "items" trigger command. If set to 1, it will allow the player to use the command. Keep in mind that for this to work it has to be ran on the player you wish to disable/enable the "items" trigger command for. It's default is set to 1.


There are three scoreboards set up upon installing SHIFT_c. Make sure you don't have any conflicting scoreboards before installing.

  1. run
    • The "run" scoreboard determines what actions should be taken when using a specific item. The scores used are 0, 1, 2, and 3, and are automatically set by the datapack (although it is possible to manually trigger them by setting the player's score).
  2. itemsA
    • The "itemsA" scoreboard determines if the player has the ability to use the "items" trigger command. The scores used are 0, 1, and 2. If 0, the score is set to 1. If 1, it allows the use of the "items" trigger command. If 2, the "items" trigger command won't work.
  3. items
    • The "items" scoreboard determines weather or not to give the player the items this datapack uses. The scores used are 0 and 1. If 0, it does nothing. If 1, the three items are given and it is immediately set back to 0.


Recent Video

Overview video describing features of SHIFT_c via an example map, credit Niche Duck.

Found a video? Click here to submit it.

Found a video? Click here to submit it.

Found a video? Click here to submit it.

Found a video? Click here to submit it.