We Are Open & Transparent

Extreme Transparency

EVERYTHING about Project Koodorukkam, except private information of the donors and receivers, will be public, forever. This includes our planning documents, people involved, meetings and all other information. The only data that we do not expose would be the private information (Name, Email, Phone, Address) of our donors and receivers.

About Project Koodorukkam

We are building a Volunteer-driven, Open, Gifting Platform of small appliances and utensils for the worst affected people in the Kerala floods.

- Volunteer Driven - We are a group of volunteers from across the state and outside who have grouped up together for this. We are continuously growing in numbers and also have associations with a number of organisations.

- Open - We will keep all the data and transactions (except for private data of donors, receivers and volunteers) transparent and available to view by EVERYONE out there.

- Gifting Platform - We do not want to be just another donation platform where people dump their used good. We want to create an experience of gifting both for the donor and receiver. One key part of this is that we need to be *SUPER CAREFUL* about the items that we accept. No shabby items, No items in bad condition. Only unused or rarely used items.

- Small Appliance and Utensils - Our focus area is small electronic appliances and small utensils. We might have to say ‘No’ to some things (like clothes) and put *‘on hold for later’* certain things (large appliances like TV etc, furniture)

- Worst Affected People - There are a lot of people out there who need things but we are focusing on finding the most needy. We depend of volunteer recommendations to identify the most needy where we take recommendations from relief volunteers who have been on the frontline in the days of flood.

Our Core Beliefs

The Power of Crowd

The biggest lesson that the flood relief efforts taught us was the power of the crowd. Amazing things happen when people come together for a goal. The Koodorukkam community strives to be an inclusive community in all essence. We are faceless, open to associations and flat.

Gifting Happiness

We are not a ‘donation platform’. We are a ‘gifting platform’. Koodorukkam strives to deliver small gifts of happiness to the most needy.

Extreme Transparency

We stand for ‘extreme transparency’. EVERYTHING about the project except private information about the donors and receivers will be public, forever.