Konstantin Boyko

I am a Producer with a background in many game development roles.

Today, I work at Kognito in NYC as the Agile Product Owner of our core platform team.

I want to work with great people to make great things.


  • Produced user-facing products & content, shared infrastructure systems, and internal tools & automation
  • I have professional experience as a project manager, programmer, artist, animator, and game designer
  • Agile and Waterfall management experience. 6 years as primary point of contact for independent stakeholders. Experience with refining workflows for existing teams and with building teams from the ground up.


Unity • C# • Python • AS3 • version control management

JIRA • Asana • TargetProcess • Team building

Documentation/Diagrams • Personas • User Testing • Prototyping • Business Value Analysis

Paper prototypes • Rapid iteration • Game Balance • Playtesting

Applause • DeviceAnywhere • MantisBT • Proprietary tools

Pixel art • Blender animation • Photoshop • Illustrator • Flash


Konstantin Boyko Resume