Why you should be a vendor in Kolour In The Park Food Market?

1. Kolour vendors in previous events receive between (30,000THB - 200,000THB) in revenues.

2. 4000 hungry attendee looking for delicious and tasty food

3. 7 spots for food vendors only, Extra focus on you !

4. Food Market is strategically located next to two activity areas and between two stages!

5. More than 80 seatings

Kolour In The Park 2019 will take place on March 2nd 2019, welcoming more than 4000 guests in our festival that will be held in Thai Wake Park (Lumlukka, Pathum Thani). In our upcoming Kolour in the park festival we are reserving 7 spots for food vendors, providing one spot for a truck and 6 for booths, two sizes of booths are available.

Applications are open till Nov 30th, 2018

General Info:

1. Setup

IMPORTANT: All set up for your booth or truck equipment, loading etc must occur between 5pm - 11pm the day before the event: Friday 1st of March. We STRICTLY do not allow any load in of any equipments on the day of event. Our roads will be closed for vehicle access. You can NOT add any additions to your booth on event day.

For food storage one day prior the event we will provide cooling fridges to keep your food fresh for the next day. If you must bring food supplies or ingredients on the day of event you MUST prior notify us.

2. On-Day

Vendors must arrive on site and be in your stall placement allocated by no later than 1:30 pm on Saturday 2nd March. Please notify the Market Manager of your arrival time in advance of the festival to ensure that you can be bumped in smoothly.

If you have arranged a powered space, electricity will be available from Saturday 12:00 pm until Sunday 5:00 am.

3. Housekeeping

Kolour will provide dumpsters and recycling containers. During your set-up our team will explain how your garbage should be disposed separately. Vendors are not allowed to dispose in the festival’s regular bins.

4. Appearance and cleanliness

  1. All vendors must operate within their booth space. There must not be any cooking or cleaning pots outside your booth. Be sure to keep this in mind when deciding on booth size.
  2. We strongly suggest that workers wear uniform to represent their business: T-shirts, hats or aprons.

5. Departure and Tear-down

Road access to the Food Market will not open until Sunday at 6am - stallholders will be permitted to vacate stall placements after 6am March 3rd when the Market Manager says it is safe to do so.

  1. No vendor may be dismantled or removed prior 6:00 am March 3rd.
  2. All equipment must be removed from the area and booth need to be cleaned up by no later than 10:00 am of March 3rd. Kolour will no be responsible for items left behind.

6. Hours of operation

1:00 pm March 2nd to 5:00 am March 3rd (16 hours)

The Festival attendance is 4,000 patrons. Vendors must maintain sufficient quantities of food throughout the hours of operation. The food items and prices that are submitted with this application must be the same at the food market. No changes or substitutions are allowed before notifying the market manager.

Vendors will have the option to close after 11:00 pm however we recommend to open until 5:00 am as we will have more than 1500 guests during the after party.

7. Staff Tickets

All market stall rates include three staff entry tickets. Additional tickets are sold at discounted rates - 600 THB for each extra ticket. The limit is 3 additional tickets, please notify in case of staff shifts changes. You must specify the exact amount of additional tickets required.

Kolour provides:

  • Scaffold booth
  • Table
  • 2 chairs
  • Basic lighting
  • Electricity (30 amps per vendor)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 5 Kg of Ice per vendor

***Important: Electricity allowance is 30 amps. More can be provided on request however it may incur extra fees. Kolour is NOT responsible if you require more than 30 amps and did not prior notify.***

Booth Fees:

Please note Kolour vendors in previous events receive between (30,000THB - 200,000THB) in revenues.Our fee structure reflects the amount of space a vender occupies in our market:

Space Rental fee + revenue share

10,000 THB for 2.4m x 5.5 m space

15,000 THB for 5m x 5.5m space (Booth or Truck)

In addition to space rental all vendors pay a fee of 10% revenue share

Booth locations are assigned after payments are made, first come first served.

Vendor should provide:

  • Food supplies
  • All operating equipment needed
  • Staffing for food sales at provided booth
  • Transportation
  • Means of serving e.g. plates, cutlery etc. needed to consume the served food
  • Paper tissues or other guest supplies needed

Green Kolour

Kolour is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Please be mindful of all single use products, and please note that single use plastic bags and single use plastic bottles are 100% banned! This means you cannot sell drinks in single use plastic bottles. We appreciate your help in keeping our festival single use plastic free!.