Rental Information

Our hall is available to rent by the public! Book with us for your next wedding, business meeting, and more! Our hall located on the north side of Defiance, features 2 different sides, full service bar, and full kitchen with walk-in cooler, and microphone and projector system available for rent. Several amenities are included listed below. Over the past 20 years we have obtained a long history of winning many awards for our service and rentals. We believe hall rentals should be a stress free and fun process! Call 419-576-2999 for more information!

General Rental Information

  • Rental reservations may be made at any time through phone or email!

  • No membership is required to rent the Hall.

  • The building closes Sunday–Thursday at 10 p.m. and Friday/Saturday at 12:00 a.m.

    • Rentals must end no later than 12:00 a.m. and renters have until 1:00 a.m. to remove all belongings.

  • Renter is permitted an additional 60 minutes after their end-time to remove their items.

  • Rental includes use of Tables and Chairs, Parking Lot, Restrooms, Kitchen-except for Members Hall rental, and Cleanup.

    • Renters are responsible for removing all items from tables however other cleanup is provided.

  • No outside alcohol is permitted in the hall at ANY time- all alcohol must be purchased through 1039 Club Company

    • Special beer/liquor/wine requests are available to have at your event

Dimensions & Maximum Seating

  • Main Hall

    • Gym dimensions – 100 ft length x 60 ft width

    • Lower ceiling dimensions – 80 ft length x 26 ft width, the width is an average, it is not straight.

        • Length is east – west measurements, Width is north – south measurements.

    • Stage – 4 interlocking sections – 8 ft length x 3 ft width x 16 in height – with 1 step.

    • 600 Maximum Occupancy

  • Members Room

    • Dimensions - 46 ft length x 26 ft width (for food setup if main hall is rented)

    • 125 Maximum Occupancy

    • Food setup in Members Room is available when Main Hall is Rented for an additional fee.

    • Perfect for small meetings or parties!

Tables and Chairs Available

  • We have approximately 600 chairs with the following tables:

    • 72 – 8 ft. x 30 in. rectangular tables seating 8 per table

    • 25 – 6 ft. round tables seating 8 per table

    • 17 – 5 ft. round tables seating 6 per table

  • All table and chairs are included with the rental.

Rental Confirmation Fee & Security Deposit

  • Main Hall Weekend: $500.00

  • Main Hall Weekday: $200.00

  • Members Hall: $100.00

Rental Charge Per Day

  • Main Hall Weekend: $1350.00

  • Main Hall Weekday: $750.00

  • Members Hall: $300.00

Additional Charges

  • Early Entry Day Before Event Main Hall Weekend: $400.00

    • Early Entry After Friday Night Fish Fry Main Hall: $175.00

    • Early Entry Day Before Event Main Hall Weekday: $100.00

  • Use of Members Hall for Food Service w/Main Hall: $300.00- Pictures Available of Setup Under Pictures Tab

  • Bartender if needed during event billed per hour: $17.00

  • Facilities Agent required during event billed per hour: $17.00

  • Fountain Pop – Billed at a flat fee: $170.00

  • Keg of Beer – Billed per tapped Keg: $170.00

  • Liquor Costs - Varies based on Preferences and Number of People Attending

  • Cups per 100 – 16 oz.(Beer) & 12 oz.(Soft & mixed drink): $10.00

  • Full HD Plug-N-Play Projector System- Cost Varies Based on Use

  • High Speed Wireless Internet is Available!

  • Full HD Cable Package is Available!

  • Mic and PA System is Available!

*All alcoholic beverages to be used at the rental are to be purchased from/through the 1039 Club Co..*

*Special Liquor and Beer Requests are Available*


Contact Information

  • Rental Agent Phil Meyer

  • The Rental Process:

    • To start the rental process, email the following information to the email address below:

      • Bride & Grooms Name

    • Your Name

    • Address

    • Phone number

    • E-mail address

  • When this information is received the rental agreement and invoice will be email back along with further instructions.

  • If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact Rental Agent Phil Meyer at the phone number listed above.