Ph.D. Dissertation

Ph.D. Dissertation

10. Sajid Javed, Structured Low-rank RPCA for Background-Foreground Separation, 2017

9. 장재석, Efficient Reference Frame Selection for Visual Odometry, 2015

8. 오선호, Goal-Directed Tracking with Dynamic Motion Model, 2015

7. 박민우, Dynamic Obstacle Detection of Road Scenes using Equi-Height Mosaicking Image, 2014

6. 원광희, Geometric Modeling of Road Scenes by Stereo Matching and Labeling, 2013

5. 구상옥, 서클체인 기반의 한글 글립 분석 및 생성, 2012

4. 이석준, Illuminant analysis for plausible lighting in augmented reality, 2012

3. 정기숙, A Prototype System for Studying Cross-platform Networked Games, 2007

2. 이동훈, Adaptive viewpoint sampling for image based walkthrough, 2005

1. 장경호, A vision-based method for reconstructing Large-Scale virtual environment, 2004