Master Chinese: Phrases

HSK Exam prep App. Best HSK App for learning and mastering all 1500 HSK Chinese exam phrases. Based on HSK Levels 1-6. Learn English to Chinese with fill-in the character type game. Learn Chinese to English through flashcards. Take quizzes to test your knowledge. Review flashcards to quickly recognize, and to reinforce memory through recall and repetition. App will automatically keep track of your progress. App will record and display your quiz results to provide feedback for improvement. Companion APP to Learn Chinese: HSK Mots. Part 2 of Learn Chinese series.

* Learn all 1500 HSK Levels 1-6 Chinese phrases
* Learn through quizzes and flashcards.
* HSK divided into smaller, more manageable learning levels.
* Quiz records and stores test results to help you track your progress.
* Characters in simplified form, pinyin and English definitions are included.
* Learn proper Mandarin pronunciation with clear audio.
* HKS Levels 1-6 (standardized Chinese Proficiency Tests).

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