FAQs for New Bubblers

You are new to bubble play and performance? You are wondering how to get started?

Start with a little research.

1. Visit & perhaps join a group of soap bubblers on the web. Facebook offers many communities for Bubblers. SoapBubbleFanciers welcomes anyone at any level of experience with an interest in bubbles.

2. Read through David Katz' classic 4 part online pdf book: The Chemistry (and a little physics) of Soap Bubbles

​3. Soap Bubble Wiki has grown into an invaluable resource. You'll find even-handed, crowd sourced information—from "Lists of home brew secret ingredients" to"How do I build that Big Bubble Maker?" Edward is doing a bang-up job piloting this ever expanding, very important resource. From their Home Page: "Soap Bubble Wiki is devoted to all aspects of creating soap bubbles whether it is blowing bubbles with a dime-store wand or creating whale-sized bubbles with a "tri-string" wand. This wiki is intended as a place for beginners and experts. Beginners can find recipes and instructions for making the equipment required to make the bubbles you see here, and experts can both find out the latest bubble knowledge and share their knowledge."

4. In 2014 Wayne Schmidt conducted a series of tests that should be required reading for everyone interested in GIANT OUTDOOR BUBBLES. VISIT.

5. A great video explaining how to make big outdoor bubbles using tristrings & variations, as well as a good basic big soap bubble recipe / formula. A real pleasure to watch this & the info contained is accurate, concise, well thought out & just-plain exactly what you need to know.

6. Facebook. It's a GREAT way to keep track of what bubblers are doing around the world. Where to start? How about with my bubblecentric timeline? Reading other's replies there will give you a good idea of who else you might like to follow: www.facebook.com/kj.bubbleguy.

7. Bubble SCIENCE How do they work? Where do the colors come from? Why are they spherical? & so much more:

A. From the University of Miami: My favorite Intro to Bubbles site. Great content and illustrations, links to experiments, some history & more. Just go. You'll be glad you did.

B. The Exploratorium Bubble Science Pages: Years ago, Ron Hipschman at the Exploratorium in San Francisco crafted a series of excellent science of soap bubble pages. It remains one of the best resources for this information. From the Home Page: "What is so fascinating about bubbles? The precise spherical shape, the incredibly fragile nature of the microscopically thin soap film, the beautiful colors that swirl and shimmer, or most likely, a combination of all these phenomena? Why does a bubble form a sphere at all? Why not a cube, tetrahedron, or other geometrical figure? Let's look at the forces that mold bubbles."

C. Wikipedia Of Course!

D. Experiments on Surface Phenomena and Colloids.

E. Excellent - MIT's Blossoms, Science of Soap Bubbles Lectures

F. Experiments for Home and School--a quick search for "soap bubble science classroom" will lead you to many sites like this one: http://www.hometrainingtools.com/bubbles/a/1505/

Here's a piece I did with Discovery Channel's Time Warp program. We explored the behavior of soap films & bubbles by slowing down video footage from very high speed capture...

8. Bonus FAQs for you SERIOUS BUBBLERS who read this far:

Thoughts about GOING PRO.