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People have been goofing around with soap bubbles for over 600 years. In that time so many interesting things have happened. Toys evolved. Trends have come and gone. Bubble shows morphed. Pros tools, fuels and understanding improved.

More recently, thanks to the internet, there has been an explosion of serious bubble hobbyists and pros around the world. People aiming to stretch the potential of bubble fun.

And yet, most bubblers know nothing about the rich history of soap bubbles. There are no books or documentaries so people assume there is no history to discover. I'd like to change that.

I've packed this site with interesting and important bits of bubble history. . . right up to the Big-Bang of modern bubble entertainment: January 5, 1983 (More about that below.)

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The Birth of MODERN Bubble Entertainment.....

On the evening of January 5, 1983

Bubble-play as entertainment clicked over to a modern age. This was Tom Noddy's first appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. (Video below.) That night millions of people around the world witnessed the future of bubble entertainment. Tom's act was stunning. His tricks were surprisingly innovative and wonderful. His comedy patter intensified viewers appreciation of the tricks. ​Tom was the first to take advantage of the potential of modern bubble solutions. (About: the evolution of bubble solutions.)

Tom's Cube, Carousel, Jewels, new techniques for Bubbles Inside Bubbles, Volcanos and Wiggly Worms were soon copied (right or wrong) by others. They have become the core content of many if not most bubble acts.

Tom's hugely popular & influential 1988 book BUBBLE MAGIC cemented his place as the Godfather of modern bubble entertainment.


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