KLM events started in a very organic way. I planned events for a large group on the U of A campus while I was in school, and suddenly I had friends saying “when I get married, you’re planning my wedding.” Well fast forward a hand full of years, and those friends started planning weddings, and started calling me up. Before I knew it, my summer weekends were being booked a year ahead of time.

When I think about the role of a coordinator, I think of the people I would trust to oversee my wedding: my mom, my best friend, my cousin.... Oh wait. Those people are all IN the wedding. That's where a coordinator comes in. From the set up to the take down, my job is to take care of all the details that you should not have be worrying about on your big day.

I look forward to meeting with you and discovering how I can be a part of your dream wedding!

About Me

Katie Murray, BComm

Event Coordinator

With a background in business project coordination, I am an expert organizer, planner, and executor. I have a knack for seeing the "big picture" vision, while paying close attention to the minute details that come together to make that vision reality. When I am not planning weddings, I love to bake, travel, and be outside with my pup Louis Litt.

Words that have been used to describe me: OCD, ultra organized, "big picture" vision, detail oriented, prepared, "thinks of everything", makes it happen, quick thinker, problem solver, "of course she has wire cutters"

Favorite Wedding Trends: Backyard venues, bright colors, grandmas as flower girls, naked cakes, over-sized paper flowers, pallet photo backdrops, patio lights, mismatched centrepeices, wildflower bouquets.