The purpose of this site is to provide information about the climbing around Kjugekull and Ivösjön, using Kjugekull Bouldering and Klättring runt Ivösjön as references. Hopefully it can also serve as a source of inspiration, by collecting and displaying all the great photos and videos taken of the different climbs!

Please feel free to contribute by reporting a new climb, sending in photos/videos of different climbs or voicing an opinion regarding ratings, grades or something else.It's highly appreciated!

Currently the database holds nearly 2500 boulderproblems in 36 different areas! Browse through them in the area index or see the locations of parkings and sectors on the map. For an explanation of how the area index is structured visit the about page. Here you can also find a small text on climbing ethics.
Make sure to also read the access page, were you can find the general "rules" to follow in the forest, as well as important info regarding nature reserves.
Also check out which holds the actual database of this website and were you can also filter climbs by name, area, grade and sector. The old original boulderhunter page could also be worth a visit for the curious.
Harald Bohlin on 'Stress'Photo: Erik Karlsson

New climbs!

  1. Troglodyt, 6B+ KJUGEKULL Carl Nilsask
  2. Vildvinsvin, 7A KJUGEKULL Truls M. Larsen
  3. Utskiten ur kalk och vatten sit, 7B+ VÄRESTORP Aleksej Jaruta
  4. Corner mission, 5+ KJUGEKULL Jonathan Dahl Jørgensen
  5. Petrichor sit, 7A VÄRESTORP Bjørn Arnel Iisager
  6. Transcendent Rytmik sit, 8A VÄRESTORP Bjørn Arnel Iisager
  7. Krysopras, 6C+ VÄRESTORP Rodolphe Marie
  8. Krysopras sit, 7C VÄRESTORP Bjørn Arnel Iisager
  9. Transcendent Rytmik, 7C+ VÄRESTORP Bjørn Arnel Iisager
  10. Vänsterskon sit, 7A TORSEBRO Marcello Mårtensson
  11. Spänning i en dramatisk värld, 5 TORSEBRO Marcello Mårtensson
  12. Petrichor, 6C VÄRESTORP Rodolphe Marie
  13. L'Opportuniste, 6C+ VÄRESTORP Florian Guillebeaud
  14. Altruiste, L VÄRESTORP Rodolphe Marie
  15. Arthur Sherlock, 6B KJUGEKULL Jason Beech