Participate in a Study

Interested in signing up for our functional MRI studies?

The MRI scanner creates a strong magnetic field around your body to measure and localize changes in blood flow in your brain. Before you participate in a study using MRI, we must know if you have any metal in your body. Metal may interfere with MR imaging and could be hazardous to you. There are additional restrictions for participation in an MRI study such as claustrophobia, history of neurological or psychiatric disorders, etc.

Current Studies in the Lab

  • In order to participate in our fMRI studies, please start by filling out this form.
  • fMRI and Memory in Aging
    • 18-30 or 60-90 years old
    • 1 hr 45 minutes
    • Compensation: 10 SONA credits, $30 or mini individual 3d brain model and file
    • Fill out the survey above, or email
  • Auditory Memory
    • MRI Scan
    • 18-30 years old
    • 1 hr 15 minutes
    • Compensation: $20, mini brain, or 7.5 SONA credits
  • Memory and Context
    • 18-30 years old
    • 1.5 hrs
    • Compensation: $20 w/brain picture, or a 3D printed brain and .stl file
    • No contacts or glasses
  • Memory and the Environment
    • 18-30 years old
    • 2 sessions, 30 minutes each; one at the beginning of the semester, one at the end
    • Looking for controls studying in Provo and those going on a Study Abroad
    • Compensation: $10 after the first session, $20 after the second session