King Richard III Visitor Centre

Overview of the Centre

The King Richard III Visitor Centre was first opened in 2014 in Leicester, England. The Centre was built in order to showcase the life of King Richard III. This centre occupies a former Victorian school which is next to the car parking lot where the remains of King Richard were found. It was 2012/2013 during an excavation that these remains were discovered. This discovery led to the conversion of the former school into a visitor’s centre. The construction of this project consumed approximately 4 million euros until its completion.

The Centre is well put together to tell the story of this great king. It runs through the history of the King to the battle where he was killed. Each section is well put together to tell this story. The design which includes audiovisuals brings out the live experience of the story. King Richard was killed in the battle called Bosworth. Once you visit the centre you will find this great story of how it really happened. Among the things designed to give the life of this story are the lights. Proper display of the light to showcase different parts of the story and makes it live. Not only that, but the assistants are available to take you through this history. You will also be able to see the skeletal remains of King Richard which were found in the parking lot near the Fresher Carpets Leicester Professional Carpet Cleaner


History of King Richard III

King Richard III who was the last English king was killed on 22 August 1485 in the battle of Bosworth Field. They also called this battle the “War of the Roses” which was a series of English civil wars fought in the quest for the throne. After the king’s death, his body was then taken to Greyfriars in Leicester. It was then buried in the crude grave of the friary’s church. This tomb was the loss in 1538 due to the friary’s dissolution and demolition. It was then when an erroneous account arose that the bones of King

Richard III was tossed in River Soar.

The search for King Richard’s body began in 2012, initiated by the “Looking for Richard” project. This project was under the support of Richard III society. The excavation was under the lead of the University of Leicester together with the support of the Leicester City Council. The first discovery was of the human bones with severe injuries. The bones were claimed to belong to a man of thirties, which was the age of King Richard upon his death. The scientific analysis and examination showed that his death was caused by a severe attack with a weapon which struck his skull.


With this great story being told, the place is also well designed with great cafes to relax during the tour. The cafes are saturated with great meals that will enhance your experience in the Centre. Once you visit this great historical Centre in England you will experience a warm atmosphere of his time. Whether you are a history scholar or just an enthusiast in historical places this centre will prove to be worth your visit.

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