Proof of concept demostration


1. What is KindieBot?

KindieBot is a programmable robot that help 2 - 7 years old kids to understand about the programmable flow, logic flow. Help them to understand what is debug and troubleshoot. Help them to understand objective and goal.

2. What is the unique compare to other programmable robot in the market?

KindieBot is a 16 combination chess pieces and every pieces is coded with different function. Kids at our target level are not required to go into graphical programming level. By placing those chess pieces will command the robot to move and reach according to what is desired.

3. How to play with those chess pieces ?

Every chess pieces is coded with few coded. By rotating the chess pieces , the code will change accordingly. E.g If you move the arrow pieces upward, robot will move forward. If you turn the arrow right side. The robot will move right side according to the orientation that you placed.

4. Is the tutorial attached on the Box?

There are some tutorials on our website, which allow you do download or view.

5. It kindieBot children friendly?

Yes, KindieBot is made by wood with a kids safe protection paint. All corners are rounded and you will not able to find any shape edge. Even for our robot is cute, small and safe to play with.

6. Is KindieBot power by Batteries?

Yes, KindieBot has 2 portions, one is the command central, which sends the command out. Another part is the robot portion. Both of them are running on AA batteries. For Command Central it run on 5V, which needs 4 AA type batteries. For Robot, it uses rechargeable batteries. It could be charged on 5V adaptor ( our normal smart phone charger ).

Prototyping of the control panel, chess piece and robot

Presentation slide for KindleBot

KindieBOT- Every Kid's Robot.pdf