School One

Welcome School One families! We hope your Distance Learning is going as smoothly as possible. We've created this site to share resources and provide guidance as we go through this journey, please bear with us as this is uncharted territory for all of us. Do not hesitate to reach out to your teachers!

Sincerely, The School One Kindergarten Teachers

Morning Bulletin

Start your school day with the Morning Bulletin

Expand the box below to see a guide.

Review and discuss the following with your child:

  1. Start with a "Days of the Week" song of your choice.

  2. What day is it today? What day was it yesterday? What day will it be tomorrow?

  3. What is today's date?

  4. State the date using a full sentence: Today is ______________ March _____, 2020.

  5. What is today's weather?

  6. What is the season?

  7. How many days have we been in school? Let's count! (see calendar below)

Links for parents

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Fort Lee BOE Parent Page

Genesis Parent Login

New Jersey Student Learning Standards English Language Arts

New Jersey Student Learning Standards