At Your Home

Further Kinder Cultured goods and services are available in the comfort of your home

1. A book to help you plan your home-based enterprise is available for sale on Amazon or here The Pocket Enterprise Any-Three-Year Planner

2. To find further reading on the subjects of Kindness and Culture there are book reviews being collected on the following website:

3. There are some items presented for sale on facebook that could be of interest.

At Kinder Cultured we like to design and make things that improve the way we work and live in the home as well as elsewhere. These can be large or small things, easy-to-make or otherwise. Some small items are for sale at local markets and fairs as well as on various marketing platforms elsewhere. Some of these items can be seen on the facebook shop, and purchase can currently be arranged by Email:

If you wish to view any items before purchase, they can be shown to you by arrangement.

Alternatively, maybe you have a small item of furniture that you would like to be up-cycled, or a need for a product that you would like to be made especially for you because you cannot find it ready-made elsewhere? Whether it is made of wood, textiles, or some other material, wherever possible Kinder Cultured is pleased to help. We can search for items on your behalf, carry out some restoration work, transform them to your taste, or make a wide range of items from new, reclaimed or recycled materials to suit.

4. Painting and decorating services.

There are small and intricate painting and decorating jobs that may need to be done inside or outside your home such as weather-treating awkward windows, small doors and doorways, or small patches of wall. You might like to have decorative details included into an interior room design, such as stencilling. If your regular Painter and Decorator is reluctant or unable to carry out some jobs, and your home is within Lewes or nearby, Kinder Cultured may well be able to help you with this work.

If you would like a painted picture of your home or a favourite view of your garden to hang on a wall, we would be pleased to provide you with something unique in vegan acrylics to hang on your wall. Alternatively, you might like a series of alternative sketches produced for you, showing how a proposed change to your home might appear before you commit to high costs and irreversible changes. A little bit of thought in advance can make a big difference to the quality of your future.

Please state what you would like help with and ask for a quotation by email:

5. Planning guidance services.

If you find the Planning rules too time-consuming and complicated, or you are unsure why your ideas do not appear to be acceptable to the Local Authority officers and Councillors, you might like to get some help from a third party (Kinder Cultured) who can help you find a solution to your problem. We can also help you to produce the plans, sections, elevations and other documents if you need further help submitting your proposed developments to the relevant Planning Authority in order to gain permission. Also, we can produce correspondence on your behalf and help with representations at Planning Committee.

Kinder Cultured can also provide some exhibition stands for exhibiting drawings of proposed changes to your property where they may affect your neighbours and other groups of people. (These exhibition stands are also available for other types of exhibitions such as artwork or information at special events.) We can put digital images on a website online if you would prefer, and help with research and gaining feedback through surveys. We know it is fun and increasingly accessible to everyone to do, but we can also carry out some online and locally-based research about your property and its history if you lack the necessary time or patience.

Please explain what you would like some help with and ask for a quotation by email:

Felicity Newman has a postgraduate Diploma in Town Planning, obtained from the University of Brighton school of the built environment.

She also has a BA(Hons) studio-based degree in Architecture obtained from the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury, with accreditation to RIBA Part 1.

She has worked for a Local Authority Architect's Department, and assisted with Private Practice. She currently holds a Managerial and Supervisory CSCS card, being concerned about all aspects of health and safety in the design of man-made environments and construction programmes.

She has been a Planning Aid England volunteer, and has been involved in many local planning issues, consultations and disputes alongside local residents and traders, with experience of commenting upon many types of Planning Application.