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Kinder Cultured Ltd is settled within the ancient landscape of the South Downs National Park in Southern England where archetypal inspirations help to maintain a sensible sense of perspective and achievement. Committed to the understanding that 'kindness' and 'culture' are essential ingredients of a healthy economy, the business' name is a two-way conversation-piece and focuses observation upon trading practices as well as product. "Vegan" is one dimension of kindness that is adhered to, but kindness has many dimensions that you might value in different ways and which we are happy to go along with and respect where appropriate and justified. We like to talk about kindness and cultural values as well as business. Kinder Cultured Ltd designs and makes useful 'things' for sale, from hand-crafted household items and publications and websites, to carefully-researched and tailored business services. Clients have tended to be householders or business-people facing a time of positive change or difficulty. Kinder Cultured Ltd can help you with your enterprises until you find yourself to be better placed.

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Services have so far been focused upon Town Planning guidance and Architectural Design, in order to get a building project on the right track from the outset. Help has been given to develop a design briefing, find suitable places, an Architect who will take care of your interests, the right components and contractors you can rely upon to carry out any construction tasks. From little contributions to big, broad-brush schemes to considerable effort invested into small details such as kitchen designs and installations. This Design (and maintenance) business has delivered practical services to ensure premises are well presented and in good, working order.

Taking into account seasonal variations, Kinder Cultured Ltd is industrious throughout the year, often developing small, useful products that are put on sale at various venues and online platforms. Commissions are taken, and assistance is also given with functional and decorative design, admin management and manufacturing process to help client's seasonal businesses develop year-round productivity and supplementary income streams. Small-scale, environmentally-friendly sales and presentation services are available throughout the year. Content-writing, illustrating and publishing, are available in digital and print-on-demand formats, offering classical Plans, Sections, Elevations, Perspectives, Mood-boards and Story-boards alongside face-to-face sales, marketing, life-long-learning, exhibitions, and Charrette-type Problem-solving and Scenario Planning.

Kinder Cultured Ltd is compassionately involved in providing multi-media intellectual resources for "working places and living environments that grow better all the time".

You can find examples of our design and content for websites and other services by clicking on the sketch above. Or you can find links to online sales platforms for books and other goods through the "Online Interface" under the "Home" tab on the menu above.

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Making good, making space, making by design.

For working places and living environments that grow better all the time.

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