Assessment That Matters: Using Technology to Personalize Learning

In July 2016, I published my first book about the rich assessment information that can be accessed by providing students with opportunities to demonstrate their skills and knowledge using the tools of technology such as GSuite.

Technology as a tool for learning should play a major role in the education of today’s students. Our students must be able to use the tools of technology to create, and to share their learning in different and innovative ways!

If you are looking for practical examples of how to do this "Assessment That Matters" is your answer. You will find practical examples, plus I highlight the assessment information that can be gleaned from each creation. I also focus on the role that educators have in supporting students’ further development, with the ultimate goal of developing students who become lifelong learners.

Assessment That Matters available on Amazon

Education on Air

December 3rd I had the honour of talking about Assessment That Matters on Google's Education on Air.

Review of Assessment That Matters

Wow what an amazing book!! Great instructional examples and explanations about how to use technology as a tools for student learning. The real life examples give educators and students ideas about how to incorporate their views and creativity skills within the classroom. Allowing students to incorporate technology in the classroom to assess students progress, benefits their learning by incorporating opportunities for self reflection and correction. Ms Meldrum really highlights the importance of students becoming independent learners and incorporating different technological strategies that can be used with Ipad or Chrome books. Definitely a must read for all educators!