Innovating Education

by Maximizing the Tools of Technology to Meet the Needs of all Learners

Technology is a tool that engages students, opens their world to endless learning and possibilities and provides them with opportunities to demonstrate their learning in ways that are both rewarding and enriching!

Technology is also a tool that engages employees, stakeholders and clients. The power of technology within the business world has grown exponentially over the past decade. Creative use of digital technologies allows employees to communicate with clients and colleagues all over the world in ways that are impactful and financially beneficial.

I am an Innovation Consultant with over 30 years of experience in education and adult learning who is passionate about the incredible power the tools of technology have to transform learning of students, whether children or adults!

With the current growth of online learning due to Covid students should have opportunities to demonstrate their learning in creative ways.

For many years students have been using technology in their personal lives in very creative ways; making videos, collaborating with peers, and creating screencasts to name just a few. With all these amazing skills at their fingertips students can demonstrate their learning in different ways; providing teachers with rich assessment information.

"Assessment That Matters" provides readers with easily accessible ideas and strategies on how to have students demonstrate their learning by creatively using the tools of technology. From those creations teachers learn an immense amount about their students' skills and knowledge!

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