Science Fair Products

Science Fair Workbooks

The Creating Original Science Investigation Series is available in 3 grade levels. It is designed to start students in Kindergarten and first grade and every 2 years the expectations expand until the students reach 5th grade. Families, teachers, and students have found it very helpful in creating unique investigations and a positive learning experience. We feel that science fairs are about learning together to discover the world around you.

Science Fair Labels

Having those little extras when creating a science fair in class or at home with your child can make a big difference. We provide labels that allow the students to still be the leader of the project, but help in making sure they fit on the board. When the project is complete it is nice to have a guide in helping to set up the board.

Planning a fair

Need help planning a fair. We provide assistance and ideas on our blog. We also provide several certificates to help make planning the fair a little bit easier. These are great a great keepsake for students.