Marketing & Digital Strategy Advisor

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Communications & Marketing, Brand Development, Public Relations, Digital Strategy | MS, GA, NY

Corporate Communications:

I work with brands to break down internal and external communication gaps by advising on messaging and channels to effectively reach each audience.

Brand Development:

I advise public figures, athletes, small businesses, and faith-based organizations on building their brands, managing their reputations, and telling their stories.

Public Relations:

I write time-sensitive and situation-specific messaging to convey proper brand sentiment whether to diffuse a situation, communicate during a crisis, or humanize a brand and its voice.

Digital Strategy:

I help brands, athletes, corporations, and non-profits with their online presence and reputation by creating personalized communication plans and tactics to competitively position their brands and expand their reach.


Present -

Marketing Advisor | Galvanize Worldwide, New York City

Public Relations and Marketing Advisor | Independent, Georgia, Mississippi, New York

Previous -


Communications & Marketing, Digital Strategy and Information Technology, Higher Education


Customer and Client Support, Banking and Real Estate Software Solutions

Expertise and Industries


Co-Marketing, Digital Strategy, Internal and External Communications, Crisis Communications, Content Analysis, Technical Solutions, Personal Branding, Client Management


Higher Education, OEM and Automotive, Technology Firms, Start-ups, Corporations, Human Resources, Real Estate, Small Business

Approved Bio:

From technology companies to higher education, Kimberly is an expert in relationship building, leveraging audience-specific messaging, digital strategy, and technical solutions.

Kimberly served the higher education space for close to 10 years in various capacities with the longest being in Communications and Marketing as both writer and communications specialist collaborating with the Office of the President and directly reporting to the Vice President of University Relations at Delta State University. Notable projects include the re-branding and deploying of the university's mark and tagline, developing digital strategies for national recruiting campaigns, crisis communications, and leading state level digital strategies during presidential retirement, preferred candidacy, and the inauguration of the incoming president including the president's initial 9-month communications and marketing plan.

Kimberly was also no stranger to the student body and was awarded the Student Government Association Staff Dedication Award by SGA and (then) University President Emeritus, Dr. Forest Kent Wyatt - 1975-1999.

What it all boils down to for Kimberly is that people matter.

As an alumna of the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Kimberly is an Ole Miss Rebel to the core and credits much of her expertise to the University's Management Information Systems program within the Ole Miss School of Business.


My career began in information technology, but then I discovered my affinity for relationship. I'm still an early adopter and will always be one, but now, instead of exclusively looking for my next toy, I look for technical solutions to help bridge and prevent communication gaps, introduce brands to audiences beyond their view, connect them with their biggest influencers, and manage their online reputation.