Korea Institute of Labor Safety and Health

Who we are

In 1998, since IMF restructuring in South Korea, a work intensity had been increased and worsened work-related diseases. In that situation, there was a labor movement to demand that musculoskeletal system disorder should be approved of occupational disease. KILSH also got involved in it and with this as a momentum, was founded in October 24th, 2003 under the flag of a field-based expertise and classification. KILSH is working on labor issues with labor movement activists, occupational doctors and lawyers in order to make working conditions safe and to encourage workers to change a work process on the base of their healthy life.

We have three offices in Seoul, Suwon and Busan. With field-based expertise, we are doing various activities such as field research, lessons for workers.


Address: Nambusoonhwan road 2019, Dongjak-gu, Gyeongshin Bldg. No. 501, Seoul 07023, Republic of Korea

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Email: kilshlabor@gmail.com

Korea Institute of Labor Safety and Health