Born in Barcelona and son of fine art painters I started painting professionally in 1994.

The medium of all my works is oil on linen canvas.

I paint out of two studios, one in Barcelona and one on the island of Menorca.

Always remaining near my great passion, the sea.

Diving all around the wold (I’m PADI instructor) has made me love the ocean environment, taken thousands of photos.

Recently I’ve started painting these colorful marine animals in my work.

With these paintings I will try to make people aware of the oceans and to protect the beautiful life down there.

Solo exhibitions:


2019 Art Revolution Taipei (TAIWAN)*

Singapore Art Fair (SINGAPORE)*

2018 The Art box Project*. New York. USA

Galería Vidrart. Ciutadella (Menorca)

2017 The Artbox Project*. ART BASEL (Switzerland)

Galería Herráiz. Madrid

2016 Galería Vidrart*. Ciutadella (Menorca)

2015 Galería Herráiz. Madrid

Russell Collection Gallery*. Austin. Texas. USA

Platinum Living Gallery*. Noblesville. Indiana. USA

2014 Marina Club. Hiroshima. Japan

2013 Galería Herráiz. Madrid

Commerce and Industry Chamber. Fujieda. Japan

2012 Galería Jaime III. Palma de Mallorca

Hong Kong Arts Centre. Hong Kong

2011 Sala Rusinyol. Sant Cugat (Barcelona)

State of the Arts Gallery. Hong Kong

2010 Caixa Laietana Foundation*. Mataró (Barcelona)

2009 Galería Herráiz. Madrid

2008 Galería Comas*. Barcelona

2007 Galeria El Claustre. Girona

2006 Galería Herráiz. Madrid

Galeria Schweizer*. Munich (Germany)

2005 Giacomo Gallery. Barcelona

Galería Maria Aguilar*. Cadiz

2004 Boston Fine Art Show*. Boston. USA

2003 Galería El Claustre. Girona

Galerie Interactive*. Toulouse (France)

2002 International Artexpo N.Y.* New York. USA

2001 Galería El Claustre. Girona

Galería Jaime III. Palma de Mallorca

1998 Galería Kroma. Mahón (Menorca)

Galería Andrés Picó. Palma de Mallorca

1997 Galería Kroma. Mahón (Menorca)

Galeria Bruch Art. Barcelona

María Trias Award. Palamós

1996 Galería J. Balari. Barcelona

Artexpo BCN*. Barcelona