In the beginning of 2019, coming back from a diving safari at the Andaman Sea (Thailand), I decided again to change my paintings to find the most authentic style, until the moment, of my career.

I have spent my entire life diving, when I was three I was already snorkeling in my beloved island of Menorca. When I was 23 I got my first diving license (the first of many till get the PADI Instructor one). With the thousands of pictures I shoot diving around the world (Egypt, Jordania, Maldives, Cuba, Costa Rica, Zanzibar, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Canary Islands, Malasia, Thailand…) I decided to paint showing a whole different perspective of the sea, my all time inspiration source.

I started painting the huge variety and color explosion of sea wildlife, portraying those wonderful fishes living down there without being aware of the danger our oceans are in.