St Laurence Church from Downton Moot, 2021, 18x26cm, Acrylic on Linen/Canvas. Available on Etsy.

View From Castle Hill, 2020, 21x30cm, Acrylic on Paper.

Saltford Fields, 2020, 33x49cm, Acrylic on Canvas. Available on Etsy.

Frenchay Village, 2020, Watercolour, 13x13cm. Available on Etsy.

Kelston Roundhill, 2020, 35x40cm, Acrylic on Canvas. Available on Etsy.

Burnham-On-Sea, 2020, 21x30cm, Acrylic on Paper.

Underfall Yard, 2016, 40x50cm, Acrylic on Canvas.

Underfall Yard II, 2016, 50x60cm, Acrylic on Canvas.

About Me: I'm a graphic designer living in Bristol, originally from Salisbury in Wiltshire. Since beginning art education at college in Salisbury and then at university in Bath, I have continued to paint. Although I have had different phases of work, including abstraction, architectural design and landscape, the focus throughout has always been on colour and form. My work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally. I currently have landscape and abstract paintings for sale on Etsy and Saatchi Art.