• Please come to auditions on either AUG 28 or AUG 29 between 4pm-6pm at:

Congregation Beth Shalom

3433 Walters Ave., Northbrook

At auditions you will be asked to do two things:

1. Sing a prepared song

2. Present a short scene from the show

Prepare a song:

1. Choose one of seven songs by clicking HERE.

2. Each of the songs can be sung by either a boy or a girl and is set in the correct vocal range.

3. There is a brief description of the song, so you’ll have an idea of how the song should be sung.

4. This description is followed by two tracks. The first track is the vocal track. (Use this track to learn the song. Lyrics are also posted.) The second track is the karaoke version. (Use this track so you can practice the song without the vocals.)

5. The directors will have the karaoke tracks, so you do NOT need to bring any music to auditions.

Present a short scene from the show that we will provide to you the day of the audition:

1. You will be put into a small group and given a short scene from the show.

2. As a group, read through the entire scene several times. Be sure you know how to pronounce all the words. (There will be “helpers,” if you have any questions and to help you practice the scenes.)

3. Practice the scene in your group, until EVERYONE feels comfortable with it. (You do NOT NEED TO MEMORIZE the scene, so no worries.)

4. Present the scene to the directors.

Special Note: Nonreaders and beginning readers can contact Sheila Walowitz at 847-275-9611 for a scene to be sent to you ahead of the auditions.