In 1991, a group of parents established Kidstage Productions which was incorporated as a not for profit organization. Its mission statement is, "To provide a Community Children's Theatre which will offer Elementary through Jr. High school children the educational experience of participation in a varied dramatic repertoire, and to expose young audiences to dramatic fare which would otherwise be unavailable."

Over the twenty-five years we have had 6,000 children on stage, 1,000 working back stage and nearly 100,000 in audience attendance giving families an opportunity to participate in live theatre. To accomplish this educational and recreational goal, we produce 2 shows a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. It is not our goal to produce actors, singers and dancers but to help children develop confidence and self esteem. With this as our ideal, we have multiple casts. Each of our actors is expected to say lines, sing and dance. Each cast has its own director and assistants. All children have music and dance on Sundays with our choreographer and music director. We have many of our shows written for us and they are written on three different levels so it is challenging to our 2nd through 5th graders. We use simple short sentences for our 2nd graders and build to paragraph lines for our 5th graders. Our directors, music directors and choreographers hold bachelor and masters degrees and many teach in the public schools

Our rehearsal period runs approximately 10-13 weeks with the children attending one 2 hour rehearsal on a week day and another 3 hour rehearsal on Sunday. This culminates in a fully mounted musical with lights, set and costumes. We have our own staff, build our sets and run our own shows.