Student Games

The following games were created by students using Scratch

The Bear Game: If You are the bear with a scarf use the keys (w a s d). If you are the other bear use the arrow keys. Scarf bear only eats meat. If you eat a fruit then you lose points vice versa for the other bear. If either bear runs into a ghost then you lose 10 points! By C.J.

Catching Animals: You have 30 seconds to get as many points as possible. Squirrels and Mice are worth 1 point each whilst crabs get rid of one point. By Cody

Fox Diet: You have 30 seconds to get as many points as possible. The arrow keys move the fox up, down, left, and right. Apples are worth 1 point, bananas 2 points, and the beetles remove 3 points. The bat is worth 6 points and will only appear once. By Gabriela

Mr. Bear's Adventure: You will have 30 seconds to earn as many points as possible. Green balls are worth 3 points, yellow balls are worth 1. If you hit a red ball, you will lose 6 points. Every time you touch the red ball, it'll get bigger and bigger each time it appears. Use arrow keys for up, down, left, and right. Have fun :) By Rachel

Pirates' Treasure 2: Get over 100 gold points. Use the arrow keys to move. Purchase more time and power ups with money. Don't touch the red pirates or you will lose the money. Click on the store when you have more than 30 coins. The prices of items is under the item you want to buy. By Matt

Dinosaur Game: Play as the dinosaur and eat all the food you can eat! But watch out because you only have 20 seconds and the green duck will make you lose 2 points! Try to get the most points before time runs out! Use the arrow keys to move the dinosaur! By Kevin

Fishy Fishy: Use the arrow keys to move the shark. Try to collect the purple and yellow fish. Avoid the poke-a-dot fish and diver. When you collect the purple and yellow fish you get 2 points. If you collect the diver and poke-a-dot fish you get -2 points. By Emilia

Penguin in the City: This game is about a penguin in the city collecting check marks. You have 30 seconds to land on a check mark (stay on it for a second). Get as many check marks as possible to earn 5 points for each one. If you land on an X, 5 points will be decreased from your score. Use the up, down, left and right arrows to move the penguin and land on a check mark to get points! By Soumya

The Butterfly Game: To play you begin my clicking on the green flag. Use the up, down, left, and right keys to move the butterfly in those directions. The objective is to earn as many points as possible in twenty five seconds. You can earn ten points by touching the green dot. You can earn five points by touching the yellow dot, and you lose ten points by touching the red dot. By Taylor C

Bat Food: Use the arrow keys to move the bat left to right. Try to collect the red apples but not the green. If you do collect the green apple than you loose points. By Ben

Don't Die: Don't get hit by the car or you will loose 15 points. But try to collect every thing else under 150 seconds. By Nina

Hit the Bat: Use the w,a,s,d to keys move but not in the beginning. There is a long introduction to the game. Use the arrow keys for scope and space to shoot. Enjoy. By Quinn

Hunting Season: Use the arrow keys to move and get the smiling ducks. Also avoid the other ducks. The smiling ducks give 2 point but the other ducks give -6 points. Your objective is to get as many points as you can. By Alhassan

Wow: Collect as many items as possible while dodging people with the arrow keys. By Gabe

The Creepy Man: Hit the green flag and a girl by the name of Luna will pop up and tell you the instructions. By Adison

Soccorer: {Up arrow, Down arrow, left, and right. To control the soccer ball} You have to get the soccer ball into the box, you will re spawn when you are in the box, the box will give you 2 points. if you hit the "Pico's" you will receive -1 points very fast. By Jared

My Best Release: You are the guy with the Nerf gun. Use the mouse to shoot at the stick guys to take them down. Don't shoot the normal guy or you will lose 50 points! Hit the add time button to add 60 seconds for 60 points. Hit the add health button to add 25 points. Hit the add points button to add 25 points for 10 enemies souls. Hit the kill all button to instantly win the game for 500 souls. By Sammy