KHS Speech and Debate

2021-22 Tournament Schedule

Discussion about tournaments:

This year will be constantly changing when it comes to tournaments due to COVID restrictions. Our main priority is always student safety first, then student success. With vaccination rates for students in Greene County still hovering around 22% and new cases in Greene County being 600% of what the CDC recognizes as a “very high threat” which prevents travel, we have made the decision to debate mostly online for the first semester since many of the local tournaments have chosen to not even require masking. If tournaments locally change their policies and we feel like we can safely attend, changes will be made and communicated. Our hope is that tournaments will see the value of taking preventative measures for 2nd semester and we will be able to attend those tournaments in person. Any tournaments that we attend in person will be limited in attendance and will require masking.

Tentative KHS Speech/ Debate Schedule 2021-22

  1. October 8-9 - KHS/ GHS Sparkman Invitational - MASKS REQUIRED - required for all students - exceptions will be made for students participating in other class assignments (band, etc.)

  2. October 15-16 - We will not be attending Willard due to the choice to not require masks (maybe Bronx Science**/ other online)

  3. October 22-23 - NO TOURNAMENT Act

  4. October 29-30 - Francis Howell for all (online here)

  1. November 5-6 - NO TOURNAMENT

  2. November 12-14 - Dragon** and possibly Nixa* (Nixa is just i.e.s on the 13th)

  3. November 19-20 - Clayton/ Ladue - (online here)

  4. December 3-4 - Catholic*

  5. December 10-11 - Bolivar?? in person (plus possible online)

  6. January 7-8 - NO TOURNAMENT (Changed from earlier due to COVID and masking requirements from the tournament)

  7. January 14-15 - Liberty* (overnight full team as long as you’ve gone to 3 tournaments)

  8. January 28-29 - Central was canceled, but we'll be at Jeff City online (at KHS)

  9. **Added** February 4-5 - CoMo (Columbia/ Hickman) - online tournament at KHS - Possible replacement tournament (not required, but could make up for any tournament that has been missed)

12 - February 11-12 - GDA/ MSU - this tournament was canceled due to COVID - we will likely have a replacement for it. It will be local.

13. February 25-26 - Required practice for district entries all day Saturday

March 4-5 - MSHSAA #

March 11-13 - NSDA? #

April 21- 23 - State ##

May 26-30 - NCFL Nationals - Washington DC ##

June 11-18 - NSDA Nationals - Louisville, KY ##

* Tournaments that the whole team is expected to attend. They will have novice and varsity divisions OR everyone will compete in varsity.

** Tournaments with VERY limited entries - probably will be top 2 entries in policy, PFD, LD and top 4-6 overall speech. These tournaments are really designed to push our students who are looking to compete at nationals this year. Students wishing to attend these tournaments must show significant commitment since these tournaments typically have a higher cost per entry. We are offering them this year since a lot of the normal travel tournaments are off due to COVID.

# Tournaments where we will only bring our district entries. This is often 75% of the overall team in some capacity.

## These are tournaments that only a few students will qualify to attend. They require students to compete at the district tournaments and place well to qualify.