strangers in love


i don’t know why the rain feels so strangely relieving

i don’t know if it means that this feeling is leaving

i’ve been watching the seasons change 

hoping that we’re just the same

but i know we’ll be strangers the next time we meet

oh i know letting go is the right thing to do

it just hurts to be loved and to love you like this

i’m still falling for the man that left

it hurts but i won’t let it rest 

it’s the pain of missing you when the love is still there

hey there stranger 

i’m still in love with you

i miss the way you’d always tease me

and i couldn’t help but smile 

remember the way you looked at me

even when we said goodbye

i just hope one day we won’t be strangers to one another

now i know why the rain feels so strangely relieving

it’s the hope and the pain that are slowly leaving 

this is where we part i wish you love

and happiness above it all

but just so you know

you’ll always have a place in my heart

hey there stranger

i’m still in love with you 

strangers in love

the sun came up


i’ve never felt this feeling deep inside my heart 

who knew i’d be chasing you 

down the stairs on a sunday night 

i don’t know what was going through my mind

yet i followed my heart

and look at where we are now 

i’ve never felt so sure about one person in my life 

when i met you there was something about you that never left my mind 

it was your perfect smile, your sweet soft voice,

your electric touch and the passion i saw in your eyes

i never knew there was someone like you out there 

oh, you stole my heart

time is suspended when we’re together 

you make me feel so alive

i’ve never felt this feeling 

deep inside my heart 

who knew i’d fall in love with you

when you’re miles and miles away 

i couldn’t help but stay on the phone all night 

till the sun came up 

and i fell in love with you

the last time i saw you

JULY 2022

the last time i saw you 

i was on a train to the airport 

i was going back to london 

and that was the day our love died 

the last time i saw you

you said something felt different 

there was nothing i could do

except swallow my pride

i wanted to stay 

take your hand

and say i love you

but this time it was different 

i don’t know how it left so soon

the sun set and it’s noon

i still see the fading orange hue

but to you it’s dark blue

you fell out of love

without me

you fell out of love

the last time i saw you 

something felt different 

was it pain was it relief

i don’t know what to believe 

did i really want to stay

take your hand 

and say i love you?

i ignored all the signs 

i don’t know how it left so soon

the sun set and it’s noon

i still see the fading orange hue

but to you it’s dark blue

you fell out of love

without me

there’s nothing romantic 

about selling your soul to someone 

who doesn’t love you anymore

one foot out the door 

your heart’s on the floor 

when they fall out of love 

let go

the last time i saw you

something was different 

tattoo my soul

MAY 2022

tattoo my soul

then i’ll be whole

the lights are flickering 

and we’re bickering 

you lay on my sheets

and my heart skips a beat

we are intertwined 

but please don’t be mine

follow my ghost

she’ll lead you to the door

it’s time for you to leave 

it’s not you it’s me 

i look at my reflection and it’s you 

i don’t know what to do

i’ve lost myself in everyone around me 

who am i supposed to be

it’s time for me to leave

and find what i’ve been looking for

and tattoo my soul 

tattoo my soul

then i’ll be whole

the pages are flipping 

and we’re slipping away 

red lights


lately you’ve been driving through red lights

and you’ve left everything behind you 

oh you’re slipping into this trance 

where nothing can define you 

so breathe 

let it go 

don’t let the past haunt you 

can’t you see

you’ve got so much to live for

that you’re driving past 

lately you’ve been wondering where they’ve gone 

as you lay here in silence 

in the morning as it dawns on you 

you realize you don’t need their guidance 

so breathe 

let it go

don’t let the past haunt you

can’t you see

you’re driving the wrong way 

on a one way street

easier said than done


give me a sign if i should know

give me a reason i should let you go

cuz i’m holding on to this love 

cuz i’m holding on to you, love

i miss you

i miss you

staring at the water at my reflection

i can see the tears i've shed

and i hear the words i've bled

holding on so tightly to this moment 

i can paint it in my mind 

and relive it if you don't mind

cuz i'm holding on to this love

cuz i'm holding on to you love

i miss you

i miss you



on the rooftop 

we stare at the stars

in the moonlight 

i hold you in my arms 

the nostalgia surrounds me 

in the bittersweet winter air

but you’re not here and

there’s no way we could be

on the rooftop 

i look in your eyes 

and i tell you 

i love you for the lies 

that you tell me 

to let me go on my way

but i don’t want to leave you

when our love remains

holding onto this mess

i have bled i confess 

so it’s time to let you go 

although i love you so 

on the rooftop 

i listen to the wind 

and it tells me 

there’s no way we could win 

this whole battle against us 

though we’re on the same side

oh but trust me

we’re lying softly now

words left unsaid


the sun kisses my neck

the wind brushes my skin

as i close my eyes

the feeling settles in 

the words left unsaid

the air smells like autumn 

not the change we thought of 

the birds fly away 

as i’m stuck in this cage 

and time passes by without me

the words that i bled 

the hum of your voice

the silence it surrounds 

the leaves drift down 

without a sound

as i stare up at the clouds 

the words slipped away 

who am i? 

a leaf in the wind 

a hair on your sheets

i don’t understand 

how to move on and find myself

so here as we part 

you’ll never leave my heart 

we’re just two lost birds 

flying out of this cage

learning to let go 

and find ourselves 

the sun holds my hand 

the wind whispers your name 

as i fall asleep 

the feeling settles in

the words left unsaid

bittersweet nostalgia


driving home on 84

tears streaming down my face to the floor

the music captures memories 

so i’m choking on the melodies 

holding on with both hands 

i’m in cruise control 

but i’ve lost control 

the words flow onto the page

the words i thought i’d never say

i filled all the lines with love 

closed the book and now i’m dreaming of 

walking through the pages 

going back through the ages 

oh the bittersweet nostalgia lies here 

driving home on 84

i don’t know what i’m looking for 

the sunlight flickers through the trees

and my thoughts slip into the breeze 

the bittersweet nostalgia lies here <3