ELA & History: Learners Create Podcast & Enter NPR's Student Podcast Challenge

Teachers set the stage, and the class collaborated, created, communicated and exercised critical thinking skills to produce exceptional podcasts. For this project, we shared tutorials and resources for Soundtrap. Student groups can use this digital tool to record and edit their work. Once they were finished editing the recording, they were able to upload their files into Soundcloud to share with the world! Talk about redefining learning!

Networks of Exchange - Google My Maps
Copy of Networks of Exchange 1200-1450.pdf

History: Using Google My Maps to Demonstrate Learning & Knowledge

Learners used My Maps to trace the travels of net work exchanges such as the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean Trade. They were able to embed multimedia resources into their maps and identify different trade routes by color. Learners demonstrated their learning by creating presentations with slide decks or videos.

Cross-Campus Asynchronous Conversations with Flipgrid

World History from two high schools within the district participated in asynchronous discussions using Flipgrid. With the Flipgrid tool, learners were able to take simple class discussions beyond the classroom and campus walls. The Flipgrid topic was How the various beliefs and practices in South and Southeast Asia affected society. Even the teachers from both high schools and I joined the conversation.