Six Meter Antenna

Ok J.B., your stuff may not be neat, but at least you are getting out. I must live in some kind of RF black hole. My 6 meter antenna and rig are a total fail, but let me share my adventure with you.

Step 1, raid the garden's supply of 3/4 PVC pipe

Step 2: make a dipole shape!

Step 3: make dipole per NR5NN's calculations.

Step 4: Get your finger stuck inside PVC pipe trying to fish your wire to the end. Now since I had drilled holes in the end for trimming and zip ties, there were burs sticking down. So now my finger was trapped like a Chinese finger puzzle and I could not get it out.

Step 5: Call to Girl Child (KK6VYZ), delicately explain that we do not need to get Tiffany and we can do this together. Have Girl Child cut PVC pipe off below finger.

Step 6: Move finger, PVC and Girl Child to the shop vice. Still do not tell XYL. Free finger with coping and hack saw, final extraction with flat blade screw driver.

Step 7: finally get dipole set up on the balcony of antenna.

Step 8: trim, trim and trim some more with my 4 channel Motorola CDM750 to get near 1.5 to 1.3 depending on what SWR analyzer I am using.

Step 9: total number of repeaters I can hit with 18 to 20 watts = ZERO! ! ! !

OK, if at first you fail, make the problem even more complex. . .

As J.B. pointed out, my 4 channel modified commercial radio's simplex channel is not part of our GOTA band plan (thanks for the plan to QSY after you are done!!) but do you know what I have that can transmit on 51.500???

An old Yugoslavian Military Radio, the RUP-12.

What the heck are you doing with 17+ pounds of Communist Wide Band (50khz!) Radio Engineering Andy?

From my resource at

So I dig it out, find the microphone that works (I have two of RUP-12's) , calculate what channel I need to be on = 430

And Fire It Up!

Gild Child and I had a QSO with her at home and me in the local park on 51.500Mhz!

Now I have no idea why I make my problems this complicated. I like the idea of converting something else to ham use, but always run into the limitations that these conversions entail. But I am happy, proud and satisfied with my crazy experiments as Girl Child was there to answer my call!