Andy's Adventures in HF

Thanks to everyone who reached out to me on finding an entry level HF rig.

Ed, KJ6KYT, is loaning me an IC-707 with an option to buy! So today I spent some time on DC power distribution in the shack, re-wiring some things here, adding a low amperage distribution board for accessories there, taking the IC-707 directly to my iron core Astron 25 Amp power supply and getting ready for HF. Next weekend will be antenning. Still debating on the G5RV (needs 30' in the air) or something a more simple. I have the ARRL wire antenna classics and I plan on remote mounting my LDG tuner close to my antenna, so there are options!

Thanks again Ed!

Andy, KF6TJR

IC-707 warming up!

Nixie Clock now has power! Time to set it!

Fused at 7.5 amps, accessory power distribution!