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There is a critical shortage of affordable housing in Windsor Essex. Currently there are 4,500 people waiting for social housing in Windsor alone. The median cost of a two-bedroom apartment went up 10% in 2018. Our new graduates are experiencing huge problems trying to find affordable, clean, safe housing.

To answer, Brentwood Recovery Homes has fully renovated some of their rooms to serve as temporary housing for new graduates right on the Brentwood property. These graduates have worked hard to start a new life of sobriety. Too many graduates end up in terrible housing situations due to lack of funds and sufficient time to get assistance finding appropriate housing.

Rates will be extremely affordable so that the graduates are able to save money while they look for permanent housing. Accommodation is on a “room and board” basis (items such as meals and laundry included). The first units were for male clients and all eight beds are full. Brentwood recently opened 2 beds for female graduates and are already seeing the need for additional space.


The Early Psychosis and Intervention Program provides early identification, assessment and treatment for individuals experiencing first-episode psychosis. The focus of this program is upon minimizing the impact of disruption to a young person’s functioning and to enhance psychological and social development. Supports are focused upon maintaining or returning to educational, vocational and social activities. Support and education is provided to both the individuals who experience psychosis and to their families so as to assist in the recovery of first episode psychosis.

  • Comprehensive assessment and referral to community resources
  • Treatment
  • Psycho-social support
  • Family involvement and family education
  • Facilitating access and early identification
  • Public education
  • Medication support
  • Assistance with symptom and behaviour management
  • Skill development
  • Person centered planning
  • Advocacy

street help homeless centre of windsor

Street Help Homeless Centre of Windsor is a homeless drop-in centre operated by and for the homeless. They not only provide the homeless with services to better their own lives, but to give them an opportunity to help others equally in need. Who better to provide other with quality services than the ones who have been there and experienced the same circumstances. The homeless are the experts on what they need. The majority of volunteers are thos they serve – the homeless themselves. The homeless are involved in planning and the operation of the centre.

Through cooking, cleaning, and offering other support to their fellow homeless, the staff develops genuine skills and experience to apply to their resumes.


· Food Bank

· Free Sleeping Bags, Mats, & Clothing

· Help with Government Services

· Laundry Service

· Hygiene Products

· Open 365 Days a Year


Named in honour of the late Miss Leone Wigle, Leone Residence opened in September 1968 at 509 Kildare Road, Windsor, Ontario and has been providing care & treatment for over 50 years.

Through the years, although the ages of the women have varied, the original mission and value of the program has remained constant: To support and encourage women in need. As of 2003, our 6 bed residential program service adolescent females, between the ages of 12 and 18, in the care of the Children’s Aid Society.

The young women in our care suffer from significant emotional, psychological & behavioural issues; struggle with severe mental health issues including depression, Bi Polar, suicidal tendencies & self harming behaviours; and drug & alcohol addictions. Many of these young girls have been sexually, physically & emotionally abused.

Leone Residence provides an actual home alternative to institutional care. The group home concept provides care to meet the specialized needs of individuals requiring specific care methodologies. Staff members mentor, encourage, support & enhance the lives of these girls through positive role modelling; assist them in finding their value, worth & importance in life as they learn new healthier coping & problem-solving skills.

If you are interested in donating Leone Residence please contact Sonya Young directly syoung@mdirect.net

Grace's footprints

This fundraiser is to honour Grace August David and all the babies gone too soon:

Adam & Caitlin David suffered the most devastating loss any parent can. During an ultrasound the were told their baby was gone. After delivering Grace, Adam & Caitlin were give very little time to grieve and say good-bye before death took a toll on Grace’s fragile body.

In the months following their loss, Adam & Caitlin learned about a medical device called a “CuddleCot;” a cooling pad & system that can be placed in a bassinet or crib and is connected to a specially insulated hose and cooling system which cools to an ideal temperature for preservation. This system is designed to help parents who go through terrible experiences including stillbirth, neonatal death and SIDS by giving them the gift of time to have lasting memories with their baby. Currently, Windsor Regional Hospital does not own a CuddleCot but Adam & Caitlin are working to change that. They are fundraising to collect the funds to purchase and donate a CuddleCot system to Windsor Regional Hospital in memory of Grace and all the babies gone too soon.

They have started a page Facebook page called ‘Grace’s Footprints’ and instagram @gracesfootprints if you are interested in following their fundraising journey please consider donating & sharing.