Key Largo Homes For Sale

The Broad Range of Pricing for Key Largo Residential Real Estate

Some men and women who decide to move to Florida are very set on taking up residence in the Keys. This can make the goal more challenging, since the limited amount of land means less available real estate than in other parts of southern Florida. Prices for key largo homes for sale also are a bit steep, with the median price as of 2018 being somewhere between $350,000 and $600,000, depending on the data source. Many residential properties run more than $1 million here.

Luxury Real Estate

People in the market for luxury real estate may want to deal with a high-end organization recognized for their expertise in this realm. This may allow them to see some exclusive properties not being shown by other realtors. They can spend time in the Keys by staying in vacation rentals ocean reef club has available, enjoying their time in the Sunshine State while being able to view some of the real estate for sale in person.

Real estate shoppers with plenty of cash can find a relatively large number of houses priced in the range of $5 million to nearly $1 billion. The highest-priced options tend to run around 5,000 sq. ft. and include several acres of land on an island off the key. Some of the more luxurious condos in the listings cost around $6 million.

The Other Side of the Scale

What about shoppers on the other side of the scale for real estate? What can they expect to find on Key Largo for, say, less than $100,000? Their best bet might be a well-kept manufactured home in an RV park or a condo. There are not many of these opportunities at any given time, since buyers snap them up quickly. Many manufactured homes in this area are priced at around $150,000, sometimes including the lot in the park.

Some of the manufactured homes for sale can be considered tiny homes, as they are park models of less than 400 sq. ft. in size. That's quite small for a family, but can be workable for an individual or a couple who want to downsize and have more freedom.