Key Channels

use room keys as info channel

Hold the phone against the room key and the information appears on the screen. The room key can be used as an easy and inexpensive digital channel to inform your guests. User friendly and easy to tailor to a target audience and keep up to date. Communicate in the languages your guests.

And, it is not an APP.

Instant Updates

Synchronizes channels with ease


Uses the language of the guest

Corporate Image

Customizes logo and colors (also for parts in case of events)


Captures data for optimal services

Tailor to Target

Customizes channels for target audiences


Combine various content sources in one channel


How it works

Your room key will be equipped with an NFC chip (in the plastic card or as a key hanger). This chip has no battery. When a phone is nearby, it picks up its energy and uses that to transmit a link which is activated by the phone. It points to a specific key channel. This channel displays the information for a specific target audience and in any language. You could, for instance, create a key channels for business travellers, tourists, VIPs and also for events. The channel content can be created and updated easily by hotel and HQ staff and, if necessary by event organizers.

what it costs

Key Channels are inexpensive. The monthly platform fee ranges from 0,80€ to 1,50€ per room depending on the number of rooms and channels. If required, we provide a full quality service including set-up, training, support and content creation including translations. Please ask us for a quote.

Key Channels as profit centers

You can make money with profit centers. It is a great cross-selling tool. Your channel proposes deals and services and has buttons to link to your reservation desk or systems. If the client wants something, they can use the channel to order it.

Another way to generate revenues with the key channels is to sell it as a service to event organizers that use your hotel. It helps them inform their participants. They can be given the right to create content in your channels. Of course, each participant would in that case receive a key with a special key channel.