In my free time...

Sometimes I Read

During college, one of my main hobby/task was reading. I like realism when in literature and impressionism when in paintings.

My favorite story by Hemingway is <Hills Like White Elephant>, a very neat short story that has a long echo in the heart. For science fiction I really like <Oryx and Crake> by Margaret Atwood. Daniel Defoe's <Robinson Crusoe> was one of my childhood favorite. I also feel a special sense of freedom from reading travel literature like the <On the Road> by Jack Kerouac and other Beat Generation writers.

Two poems I like are <My Late Duchess> by Robert Browning and <The Road Unchosen> by Robert Frost. I also love the excerpt below from <Hamlet> by Shakespeare.

<The Death Of Ivan Ilych> is another novel that I used to think everyone would benefit from reading. Though I do remember my professor in British Literature said to us that as we age, our interest in novel might go down, which could be kind of true.


"Doubt thou the stars are fire,

Doubt that the sun doth move,

Doubt truth to be a liar,

But never doubt I love."

By William Shakespeare, <Hamlet>, Act 2, Scene 2

Sometimes I Volunteer

Knowing I am needed is empowering.

I volunteered teaching in two different schools. One is Dandelion School in Beijing, specially for children whose parents are migrant workers. Migrant workers are not formal, registered residents in Beijing, and usually kids in these family enjoy less welfare than local people, compromised economic condition and more limited educational resources. The reason we went volunteer teaching there was because kids there cannot afford after-school tutoring program, yet they need help to catch up with schoolwork.

Another place I volunteered teaching in was Meitan Qiushi High School in Guizhou Province, also in one of the most under-developed province in China. I was head teacher and English teacher there and taught three classes.

I enjoy spending time with kids...

and I am proud of my students

I enjoy spending time with friends and family

My friends, my fiancé and my parents are important parts in my life. I love going on adventure with them.

And I always Dream, Live and Explore

Every now and then, I experience life in different perspective. I have had the fortune to go to various different places for school, volunteer or travel. In my early 20s, I have never feel life presented so many challenges and opportunities in front of me, and I know I now have the courage to explore and embrace them.

Key Marathon, Florida.


Time Square, NYC