In my free time...

Sometimes I Read

During college, one of my main hobby/task was reading. I like realism when in literature and impressionism when in paintings.

Some of my favorites: Hemingway's <Hills Like White Elephant>, <Oryx and Crake> by Margaret Atwood, <The Death Of Ivan Ilych>, <On the Road> by Jack Kerouac.


"Doubt thou the stars are fire,

Doubt that the sun doth move,

Doubt truth to be a liar,

But never doubt I love."

By William Shakespeare, <Hamlet>, Act 2, Scene 2

Sometimes I Volunteer

Knowing I am needed is empowering.

Dandelion School in Beijing, specially for children whose parents are migrant workers. Kids there cannot afford after-school program, yet they need help to catch up with schoolwork.

Meitan Qiushi High School in Guizhou Province, also under-developed province in China. I was head teacher and English teacher there.

and I am proud of my students

I enjoy spending time with friends and family

My friends and my family are important parts in my life. I love going on adventure with them.

And I always Dream, Live and Explore

In my mid 20s, I have never feel life presented so many changes, challenges and chances in front of me, and I know I now have the courage to explore and embrace them.

Key Marathon, Florida.


Time Square, NYC

Recent hobbies:

Growing plants. Since the working from home period started, I started this hobby. I am growing lettuce, basil and daisy.

Singing. My recent favorites are sound tracks from Alexander Hamilton. An amazing musical :)

Playing the piano.