Kevin Hendrey

Research Interests:

Sructural and Extremal Graph Theory, Combinatorics


[1] (with J. P. Gollin, K.-i. Kawarabayashi, O. Kwon, S. Oum)

A unified half-integral Erds-Posa theorem for cycles in graphs labelled by multiple abelian groups,

Submitted 2021,


[2] (with S. Norin, D. R. Wood)

Extremal functions for sparse minors,

Submitted 2021,



[1] (with D. R. Wood)

The extremal function for Petersen minors,

J. Combinatorial Theory Series B 131: 220–253, 2018.

[arXiv] [MathSciNet] [publication]

[2] (with D. Best, I. M. Wanless, T.E. Wilson, D.R. Wood)

Transversals in Latin arrays with many distinct symbols,

J. Combinatorial Designs 26.2: 84–96, 2018.

[arXiv] [MathSciNet] [publication] © Wiley

[3] Sparse graphs of high gonality,

SIAM J. Discrete Math. 32.2: 1400-1407, 2018.

[arXiv] [MathSciNet][publication]

[4] (with D. R. Wood)

Defective and clustered colouring of sparse graphs,

Combin. Probab. Comput. 28.5: 791-810, 2019.

[arXiv] [MathSciNet][publication]

[5] (with I. M. Wanless)

Covering radius in the Hamming permutation space,

European J. Combin. 84: 9pp., 2020

[arXiv] [MathSciNet] [publication]

[6] (with J. P. Gollin, D. Mayhew, S. Oum)

Obstructions for bounded branch-depth in matroids,

Advances in Combinatorics 2021, 4: 25pp

[arXiv] [editorial introduction]

[7] (with J. Ahn, D. Kim, S. Oum)

Bounds for the twinwidth of graphs,

SIAM J. Discrete Math. 36.3: 2352–2366, 2022.

[arXiv] [publication]