Architectural Studies in Berlin, Germany and New York City, USA

between 2002 and 2008.

Worked for several architects and builders in London, UK and Berlin.

Experienced in residential, commercial, educational, cultural architecture as well as Masterplanning.

Currently holding the position of Architect at Allies and Morrison in London.

Kersten has worked on several major projects of this firm, including the Shakespeare Globe,

a Medical Masterplan in Doha Qatar and a high-end Tower and Courtyard building on the english coast.

Work for other architecture studios included Nido Spitalfields, a significant new highrise

in the City of London with tp bennett architects and Kaufhof Alexanderplatz, the refurbishment of

East Berlins largest Department Store for Berlins kleihues + kleihues architects.

Participant in several international open competitions, including London Olympic Kiosks for the

Architecture Foundation, the Peace Pentagon Redelopement in New York City and a mobile media

unit for the Arctic Perspective Initiative. Currently taking part in a competition to develop

urban design ideas for the future expansion of Dallas, Taxas, USA.

Strong focus on architecture "integrated" into environment, culture and progress.

Founder of, a web publication that specialises in broadcasting

outstanding examples of green architecture, building products and renewable energy.

London, United Kingdom, 2018