Exploratory analysis of the behavior of time-changing data using advanced linear algebra topics

Análisis exploratorio del comportamiento de datos cambiantes en el tiempo usando tópicos avanzados de álgebra lineal

Author: Omar Oña

Director: Diego Peluffo

Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas, Sangolquí - Ecuador 2019


Nowadays, the analysis of dynamic or time-varying data is of great interest in science and technology, as it is very useful in several applications, such as: time-series forecasting, video analysis, automatic movement segmentation, among others. In particular, pattern recognition techniques, especially those based on spectral analysis and matrix algebra, have proven to be a suitable alternative. Notwithstanding, there is still a wide range of open issues related to the accuracy and interpretation of the movement segments. This master's thesis presents a study on the use -in time-varying data analysis- of an unsupervised pattern recognition technique, so-called kernel spectral clustering. Specifically, it is of interest the possibility of creating a tracking vector able to automatically segmenting movements in a sequence of video frames, which shows its usefulness in the identification of starting and ending points of movements in rotating objects and moving-contour-lines. Also, this work proves the benefit of the properties, the optimization and the algebra of functions with matrices for the analysis of dynamic data.




Tesis_KSC-Datos dinamicos_OO_2019-11-12.pdf


2019-dic-5_Presentacion_KSC-T_Datos dinamicos.pdf

Kernel-Spectral-Clustering-Driven Motion Segmentation: Rotating-Objects First Trials (2019)

Automatic Motion Segmentation via a Cumulative Kernel Representation and Spectral Clustering (2017)

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