Alaska Renee

Alaska is a photographer as well as an actress. She loves to create art everyday and collaborate with people on projects. She also has a deep passion for rescuing animals and finding them forever homes.

Nanette Bonilla

Owner of Nanette Art and Design specializing in wood art, installations, event decor, visual arts and lettering

Jamie MArtin

29 year old, film photographer, born and raised in Bakersfield. Jamie Martin had been shooting film and experimenting with photography for the last ten years. Inspired by the simple, often over looked, every day parts of life and scenery that surrounds us.

Dawn Grider

I have been in love with art my whole life and that love was nurtured by my Grandmother a self taught artist, my mother who encouraged her children to pursue their passions and my sister, who also loved and created art. I believe art to be an important part of everyday life because it communicates on multiple levels bridging the gap between generations, culture, and economic status. It is also foundational to any healthy culture and community. I moved to Bakersfield 9 months ago with my husband of 33 years and I am learning and enjoying what Bakersfield has to offer. I work in acrylic, oil, ink and pastels and I am drawn to create reflections of nature. I am a Professional Artist and Certified Art Teacher.

Jackie Williams

I live, work and play in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Nature is my muse, creating art is my passion.

Erin Dougherty

My name is Erin Dougherty. I have a degree in Art from Humboldt State University. Art has always played an important part in my life.My earliest memories are of me creating. Art was always my way of expressing myself. On my canvas I capture the emotions that drive my dreams and nightmares. For this series "Moments in Time", I explore ideas of Power, Obsession, Loss and Gain in the arc of a relationship. Each image contains multiple layers of meaning that intersect the clinical findings coming from my mind with the hidden and often painful truths arising from subconscious that end up a revealing a different and closer side of the relationship and myself. While painting, each image powerfully resonates within my mind often paving the way to have strong emotions coming to the surface. I am flayed. It is the story of me losing myself and finding myself. The canvases come from estate and garage sales. I hang them in my office until they whisper to me and tell me what they want me to do with them. I consider this a collaboration. I try to make sure that if there is a signature that I do not cover it up.

Naomi Carrizales

My art is peculiar, bizarre, and trippy at times. I have a great imagination and I let it come out in many characters I illustrate. I’ve heard I have my own style and I have explored many mediums but I would consider myself a great cartoonist/illustrator. Art will remain in my life forever ❤️

Abe Pineda

I'm Abe and I was born on the East side of Bakersfield, CA. What originally sparked my artistic side simply comes down to life itself. The pain, the love,

Instagram: @voodoochild_1970

Tienna Brooks

34 year old self taught artist from Bakersfield. I am a wife and mother of 8 beautiful children.

Carlie Shea

Hello! I am a special effects photographer that focuses on surrealism and the beauty of people!

keaton punch

Keaton Punch is a digital artist. He creates surreal, imaginative, and fantasy types of photos/videos. He loves to bring his ideas to life and create visuals that are otherwise impossible to see in the real world. He's 22 years old currently living in his hometown Bakersfield, CA. Keaton graduated Bakersfield College in spring of 2017, with an associate in arts in studio arts. Nothing makes him happier than creativity!

min lee

My name is Min Lee and I'm a 14-year-old, pencil sketch artist. Most of my artwork is pencil realism, whether it be just lips, eyes, or the whole face, I always focus on the little things that will make big changes to the art piece itself.

Ricci Ocampo

I have loved art for most of my life. Originally, I was drawn to writing and have spent most of my years in books and scribbling words onto paper. About six years ago, at 17, my interest in drawing and painting took over. I’m pretty much a self-taught artist, most of what I know I’ve found online or learned in an Art 1 class I took my senior year of high school. It is my form of expression, my outlet, and a huge piece of who I am. Other than that, I am 23, a single mother of two beautiful little boys, and a full time college student.


Unknwn is the state of mind. Its no one in particular.

Its who ever you want to be in the moment.

Its never made to be understood. Its distorted, its everywhere.

You have to have a one on one encounter with it, to really understand a part of it. When you create something with unknwn it becomes an unforgettable experience, a memory that you will forever cherish.

Visiting the unknwn will create conversation, it will have you thinking things you've never thought about before... Don't be scared...

The Unknwn is a cross between your reality and your dreams...

Enjoiii the ride ~

Morgan Townson

Hello! My name is Morgan Townson. I'm currently studying history and playing beach volleyball at Bakersfield College. In the last year, I've had the opportunity to branch out and participate in painting murals for the Panorama Project and the East Bakersfield Pocket Park. Throughout the years, I've developed a unique style that can be described as contemporary western. I've taken my love for the western lifestyle as well as landscapes and combined them to create work that is both modern and abstract.

Sydney Valenzuela

Hi, I am Sydney I am 14 years old. I have been doodling all my life, but just recently I decided to branch out and focus on my drawings.

Chris Benham

I am a graphic designer and illustrator, born and raised in Bakersfield. I hold a bachelor’s degree in graphic design (CSU Chico) and a master’s degree in advertising design (Syracuse University). I’ve been drawing, sketching and painting for as long as I could hold a crayon. When I was introduced to a Mac in 1992, it changed my life, and my career path. I’ve been a professional designer for 25 years and have worked for ad agencies, professional sports teams, public entities and large multinational corporations. Creativity is in my DNA, a part of my soul, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Liliana Nuñez

Most of my work consists of portraits, and at times I distort and shift their features. These distortions were inspired by my frustration with drawing faces precisely. With time they became an intended feature of my process and have helped me identify my style. My preferred mediums are graphite, charcoal, and pen but I hope to adopt others in the future.

Caitlin Rose

I love to incorporate different materials in my acrylic paintings to give it a 3-D feel. I use anything from tree bark to guitar strings and everything in between.

Briana Rivera

My work consist of a series based upon geometric abstraction that explores spatial arrangements, color, lines and other elements. Through these strategies I create paintings that become a viewing experience of deep thinking that showcases the power of abstract images . I see my art as an idea of movement exploring structure through layered and arranged geometry, that plays with the imagination. My art is inspired by personal events that consist of elusive components, such as memory, time, and sound.

Heidi Bailey


A local artist that works with mixed media.

Tania Diaz

Abstract Artist from East Los Angeles. I started painting when I was 8 years old. My style involves symmetry, stippling, and shapes. I use archival pens, markers, and oil/acrylic paint.

Deja Nunez

Deja Nunez is unconventional. Despite an interest in art that dates back to when she was a shy child who would take her mothers paints and pens to doodle instead of socializing, she resisted the urge to follow an artistic career. However, the artist lifestyle seemed to be hidden in every path she followed, in her numerous jobs from dog walking, welding, decal work, and everything in between art has weaseled its way into the fibers of Deja's being. Now at 26 years old she continues to create using a style of art that can be described as loose, gestural, crafty, colorful, and heavy in portraiture. Follow her life and art on Instagram: @dejadeja

Leonard Nevels III

My name is Leonard Nevels III, also known as Trey and Creations Director for Nevelsvision Enterprises. Been creating art for over 35 years. I went to Fresno State and received my degree in art. I do many different styles of art including, painting, graphite/color pencil, wood burning, murals, tattooing and several more. From 2000 -2013 i was a curator for the Fresno art council and a big part of the Art community receiving Fresno artist of the year award in 2008 and in 2015 winning the U.N.I.T.Y. Artist of the year here in Bakersfield. Art is life! Website Facebook: Leonard Trey Nevels and Nevelsvision on IG.

Gustavo Gonzalez

25 years old, digital photographer born in LA and raised in Bakersfield. Took up photography his sophomore year in college and has been working on improving his technique through nature and wildlife photography.

Ezekiel V. Española

Selectively Kindhearted, Always Thoughtfully Crafted.

Alfredo banuelos

2 time cancer survivor, been painting for about a year and a half in acrylics.

IG: Fredy_Paintz