simoneel czar

Simoneel is the author of the poetry book SLAP, and is the CEO of her beauty brand, Czarina Beauty.


A local singer -songwriter based out of Bakersfield, Ca. I’ve been singing since I was 10 but fully invested in my passion and dream when I turned 23. I purchased my first Taylor in 2014 and wrote all my originals on it , shortly after that I hosted an open mic for 3 years at the syndicate lounge where i would debut my music, I’ve performed all over centeral California and worked with with several artist such as silo ornelas, marlon Mackey and Miguel Mejia and featured on 4 studio albums.I’ve dedicated my time and effort in writing and making sure my story gets told in a way you can visualize it and slip into my world even if it’s just for a moment.

Miguel Rocha

Miguel is a 27 year old Bakersfield native. He’s a licensed barber in downtown at The Blackboard Barbershop.

Instagram: @mellow_mikey.

K. fings

K. Fings is an anomaly. He considers himself the Black Stan Lee. He embraces the word "artist" to its fullest. He stays busy doing everything from making music to directing films. With a debut EP, Oxford Blue, set to release Spring 2019 he plans on showing you small a glimpse of his world.

MANDY anderson

25 years old, mother, Queer, Feminist, Vegan. I've been a writer since I could write sentences.


Originally from San Jose, California, Curtis Taylor has been doing comedy since 2011. An honorary member of the Santa Cruz Comedy Coalition, Taylor’s good natured manner, impeccable dress and dance moves have earned him a unique lifestyle. With story about his recent summer on an Alaskan fishing boat, to his ability to get out of fights by busting the silliest dance moves you’ve ever seen, & his adjustment to his now hometown of Bakersfield. CT3 is a comic worth checking out.


The idea of self-concept… Who is anyone? Who is the real you versus your image? Humans describe themselves in terms of characteristics, personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as past environmental influence, but are all changing and growing with life experience. Who is Rebelani? A human like you. Rebelani is a singer/songwriter in Bakersfield, California. She is everything that contradicts. She promotes love above all else. She also advocates privacy and education, as a means of freedom in the world we live today. With open arms, she accepts and values all walks of life as she welcomes you to coexist on the music waves she creates through soul, emotion, and logic combined.


UCLA gender studies + music industry alum, singer/songwriter, and mental health advocate.

M.C. Litlez

I'm different from other rappers do to the energy I put in hoping to change the opinion that people have against rap. I am like no other.

Ariel Dyer

Ariel Dyer is a singer-songwriter local to Bakersfield, California. She writes a blend of music from folk to country to pop, and plays guitar, ukulele, and piano. Nothing is more important to her than getting to play live and share her music with her fellow humans.

You can find more about Ariel at her bandcamp:

instagram: @arieldyerwolf