Keaton punch

Keaton Punch is a digital artist. He creates surreal, imaginative, and fantasy types of photos/videos. He loves to bring his ideas to life and create visuals that are otherwise impossible to see in the real world. He's 22 years old currently living in his hometown Bakersfield, CA. Keaton graduated Bakersfield College in spring of 2017, with an associate in arts in studio arts. Nothing makes him happier than creativity!

Finesse Entertainment

What’s up! It’s Finesse Entertainment! Here’s a little bit about us. We are 3 guys from Bakersfield, California! There’s D’Maurier Johnson, Keith Fingers, and Christopher Hunt aka Kyrei Kennedy. We are a group of screenwriters, actors, comedians, and directors that love bringing joy to those around us. Our dream is to be able to bring that same joy to not only those around us, but to the world!

We started in 2016, doing small improv skits for YouTube as way to just get started and learn the craft. Now in the past 9 months, we’ve grown to be able to write full scripts, and produce our first written short films, “The Kickback” and “Confessions” which have gotten over 13,000 views on social media! We currently have a pilot written for a TV show, our first web series will come out this spring, and we have several scripts for short films. Our goal is to continue growing and improving, and eventually have our own studio and produce our own feature length films! We’re also just getting into stand up comedy, so we will also be hosting our own comedy shows locally by the summer!

We can’t wait for you guys to be able to see all that we have planned, and we appreciate all the support given to us. Every like, comment, share, view, everything is noticed and deeply appreciate by us because we only do this to bring some level of joy and positivity to the world. Thank you!