Keri Savoca

Technical Writer - Technical Blogger - Developer

Hi! I'm Keri.

I'm a technical writer and a developer.

In addition to my work in technical writing, I'm an active technical blogger and a contributor to a variety of publications. I usually write about programming and engineering, but I enjoy exploring other domains as well.

As a technical writer, I work with software engineers to write documentation and user guides for anything we build. At the moment, I'm learning GCP, having fun with BigQuery, and exploring a wide range of infrastructure tools. Arguably, the best thing about technical writing is that I get to learn new things every day.

Sometimes I write the sample code that appears in internal or external documentation. I also write a lot of technical content for people who are learning to code.

My goal is to make complex information easy to understand. I'm like an expert explainer.

Let's collaborate! You can reach me via Medium, LinkedIn, or email.