Deluxe Hot Dogs

Not all items available at all times.  Please check our homepage for the menu for the day,

Bacon Avocado Ranch Dog

Beef Frank wrapped in bacon with acocado slices and  topped with Kennedy Korner Ranch and scallions.

Chi-Town Dog

All beef hotdog with yellow mustard, dill pickles, chopped oinons and peperocini peppers.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Dog

We melt our Ultimate Grilled Cheese down, fry it on the griddle and wrap an all beef hot dog up in it.  Served on a hot dog bun topped with Kennedy Korner Ranch. Go naked for a delicious low carb dog.

KC Dog

Beef dog topped with heated kraut, melted swiss cheese and yellow mustard.

Nacho Cheese Dog

All beef frank topped with our nacho cheese sauce


Beef dog with bacon, sliced roma tomato & shredded lettuce topped with ranch.

Pico Dog

All beef frank with our house made fresh Pico de Gallo.

Plain Ol' Dog

Just a dog on a bun. You can add your own ketchup and mustard.

Seattle Dog

Hot dog with our bacon cream cheese, sauted onions, roasted jalepeno slices & siracha.

Atlanta Dog

Beef Frank with chipotle peppers and topped with chipotle coleslaw.

Make it a meal by adding a soda/water and a side for $1.50