Kenji Araki is a digital artist based in Austria with roots in Japan. His work is based on the deconstruction of contemporary art and music. The exploration of genre- and medium boundaries are at the core of his artistic ethos and leads to an aesthetic that is equally harsh, alien, somber and beautiful. For bookings/press contact or

"Nabelschnurtanz EP" out now on Affine Records:

Upcoming Shows:

24.09.2022 Unsafe + Sounds with Anthea (Vienna/Das Werk)

Past Shows:

27.03.2021 Creavitiy Rules

26.06.2021 Performing Sounds #30: UNITE! (Salzburg/Arge)

09.09.2021 Holy Hydra (Linz)

15.04.2022 Global Fyre (Vienna/Venster99)

04.06.2022 Heart Of Noise (Innsbruck)

05.06.2022 Album Release Show w/ Zanshin (Vienna/Fluc Wanne)

24.06.2022 Dawn Festival (Salzburg/Rockhouse)

01.07.2022 Performing Sounds #34: Encounter (Salzburg/Arge)

02.07.2022 Sonic Territories (Vienna)

23.07.2022 Impulstanz Festival (Vienna/Vestibül)

30.07.2022 Popfest w/ Anthea (Vienna)

30.07.2022 Popfest (Solo) (Vienna)

31.07.2022 Factory as ITSCH (Salzburg/Barockmuseum)

04.08.2022 Kultursommer/Res Radio (Vienna)

Personal Audio Work

Releases under the aliases "Kenji Araki" on Affine Records and formerly "BLVEBIRD" on Surreal Recordings, Artists Intelligence Agency and Emissions Records.

The auditive compositions are based on the deconstruction of contemporary club music while infusing it with moody atmosphere and pushing it to a cinematic scale. Experimentation and dissociation from conventional genre boundaries are at the core of the artistic ethos and lead to a sound that is equally harsh, angry, alien, somber and beautiful.

Debut Album "Leidenzwang" is slated for release in early 2022 on Affine Records.

Music Video for "BLEED" (Single)


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