501 S. Clinton Street

Grand Ledge, MI 48837



The KC3 Request Form is listed below. Please use this form or send and email to kenscoatcloset@gmail.com to request items or find out more information about Ken Clark's Coat Closet(KC3).

Ken’s Coat Closet has been serving the Grand Ledge community for the past 6 years. Our mission has been twofold: 1. Providing free clothing, personal care items, and other items of the Grand Ledge Community 2. Provide a work based learning environment for special education students in our Giving Eaton County Kids Opportunities (GECKO) program.

The Coat Closet is open to all members of the community. When individuals from the community visit the Coat Closet with a need for items, students can assist them in finding and bagging items. We also often have school counselors and other school personnel contact us about individual student needs. GECKO students are then able to put a box of items together from the Coat Closet and get them delivered to any of the schools in our district.