A few of the awarding winning films featured at this year's film festival....

Frontier of Firsts

Adventure Travel - 2019 Winner

Frontier of Firsts follows the experiences of a whitewater kayaker and an Alaskan bush pilot during a kayaking expedition in southern Alaska. Similarities in their passions emerge as the two work together to explore three previously unrun rivers.

Going Solo

Short Film - 2019 Winner

A story about a solo kayaker’s special bond with a river after almost drowning. Follow Andrew Kellett on his whitewater journey as he makes peace with Cape Town’s Witte River and introduces his son to the challenges of going up against nature.

100 Miles

Kayaking Fishing - 2019 Winner

The goal of this Alaskan expedition was simple—use packrafts to explore and fish a remote and braided river system, not accessible to larger rafts. For the anglers, this meant accessing countless small channels and mouse-eating trout without the worry of dead ends, portages and extra baggage. This trip was not a first descent on an unnamed river, but after 100 river miles without seeing another soul, it felt like it.

Big World

Standup Paddleboarding - 2019 Winner

How do we teach our kids there is a world beyond social media, standardized tests and soccer practice? In April 2018, Eddie Bauer athlete David Morton and his seven-year-old son, Thorne, embarked on a week-long standup paddleboard journey down the Karnali and Bheri Rivers in western Nepal. “There’s a basic paradox to parenting,” says David. “You have to keep your kids safe, but you have to teach them to take risks and follow curiosity. Life is undeniably richer with a little bit of daring."

We Are Send

Whitewater- 2019 Winner

This is the story of Send and what you can accomplish with a great set of friends. It has been a crazy two years since four friends formed Send and this crew is looking forward to plenty more.