Ken Johnson for Nevada Joint Union School Board, Area 5 Trustee

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my candidate statement. My wife and I live in Lake of the Pines. We are both retired public school classroom teachers. I taught junior high and high school for 38 years. My wife taught elementary school for 31 years. We have six children together.

When I retired, I knew I wanted to stay involved in public education. I interviewed with the local teachers, and I am honored to have received their unanimous endorsement as their candidate in Area 5 for Nevada Joint Union High School District.

When I was sixteen, I knew I wanted to be a classroom teacher. I thought it would keep me young at heart, and most importantly, I could make a difference. I was fortunate to have a career that I absolutely loved.

I served six years on the State SARB. SARB is the Student Attendance and Review Board. SARB makes recommendations to the legislature to improve student attendance and discipline for all of California’s students. I was the only classroom teacher on State SARB, so I was representing over 325,000 California classroom teachers.

Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors for California’s Valued Trust which provides health care to over half of California’s classroom teachers and their families.

Public schools should support several paths for student success after graduation including vocational education as well as college readiness. I'm a big believer in voc ed because no one of us is the same. We all have different talents and types of intelligence. Public schools can and should be preparing our children for college or career.

Sorting through differences of opinion is always difficult, but we have a responsibility to the students we serve, and they're counting on us to do what needs to be done to provide them with a quality public school education.

Below you'll find photos of my past work in advocacy for public schools.

Thank you.

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