M. Kelly Tribble

I am all about empowering academics to achieve their goals, maintain their excellence in teaching and learning, sharpen their technology integration, and develop as scholars and researchers. My practice begins with building relationships, respect for the curiosity of the individual, and recognition of the expertise that emerges from collaborative experiences.

I am passionate about life, learning, and laughing. I have great respect for the history of the lecture, as well for the art and science of facilitating active learning activities in the classroom.

Training & Development

I have been designing and developing instruction for nearly 30 years, helping faculty members become more engaged and have a larger toolbox from which to draw. Curriculum ranges from active learning and engagement strategies to lecture capture and using social media in the classroom.

Process Improvement

I excel at improving processes and designing and implementing new processes. I designed and implemented my current institution's tuition assistance program, and it's travel funding program. For the successful process, user testing and data collection should drive decisions about interface and staging.

Faculty Scholarship

in 2013 I created the Mastery of Teaching Institute - a faculty learning community encouraging faculty members to engage in classroom research at the community college level. The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning is at the heart of this one-of-a kind program.



Contact Information


marshall.tribble.phd@gmail.com | +1 803 319 5308 | @kellytribble